An Honest Sales Pitch

If you’re looking for a church that is a religious place with lots of rules and rituals, Bluewater likely is not for you. If you’re looking for a place where you can spend time with people who have it all figured out and can answer every question, Bluewater definitely is not for you! But if you are looking for a community to journey with, where you can be yourself and ask questions, where we can open the Bible together and read the story of Jesus with fresh eyes, then you might want to check out Bluewater. Many of us have tried religion and it hasn’t worked for us … In fact, we’re still recovering from it! Many of us have loved Jesus but found church to be a place of condemnation, judgement, and exclusivity. At Bluewater, we want it to be about Jesus: Jesus + Nothing.

At Bluewater, we love Jesus! That is the simple truth. We believe Jesus was a real person who literally penetrated history, and taught us and showed us how to live. He died and rose again to life, thus validating everything He said. And so we gladly and wholly dedicate our lives to Him, believing that when we do, we are following truth. And that truth is not onerous or restricting, rather, it is life-giving and liberating because, at its core, the truth of Jesus is pure love.

Jesus is the center, the focal point of what we’re about. We follow Jesus together.

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Do you remember studying set theory in high school math class? There is bounded set and center set. A bounded set is static; it’s all about boundaries. A center set is dynamic; it’s all about movement, direction, and proximity to the center.

Historically, most churches have operated as a bounded set. People were either in or out: inside the boundaries or outside the boundaries, and the way you belonged to a bounded set church and were considered to be “in” was to cross the boundary and be on the inside through compliant behaviour, giving money, doing a task, joining a membership list, etc. There have been and continue to be some truly good bounded set churches.

At Bluewater, we’ve opted for a center set model. We’re not nearly so much about boundaries around the outside as we are about what’s at the center, or, more correctly, who’s at the center: Jesus! And rather than people being “in or out,” we recognize that all of us are on a unique journey in proximity to the center. So, at Bluewater, if you arrive, you belong. We want to love and serve people wherever they are in proximity to the center and help them take steps in the direction of Jesus.

Likely by now you’ve come across the tagline on this website, Beloved, Belong, Become. We’ve liberated (stolen) this tagline from our Be In Christ family of churches (with permission) because it beautifully summarizes what we want Bluewater Church to be: a place where people can come and experience what it is to Beloved by God and us, a place to Belong to family, and a place to Become the very best versions of ourselves that God intends for us to be.