About BIC Canada


Bluewater Church is part of a family of churches called the Be In Christ Church of Canada, which is part of a international family of Brethren in Christ (or BIC) Churches. The BIC began in the late 18th century when a group of Mennonites in Pennsylvania ventured in a new direction when they became dissatisfied with the lack of spiritual passion in the church at large. The BIC has been influenced by key elements of a number of spiritual movements, including the Pietist focus on heart-felt devotion to Jesus, the Wesleyan pursuit of personal holiness, and the Anabaptist emphasis on simplicity, peace-making, and living out the teachings of Jesus in everyday life.

Together, our purpose is to be a growing faith community that follows Jesus, shares his message and extends his peace around the world.

Today the BIC Church has over 300 churches across North America and over 1,600 churches worldwide. The BIC church also works closely with the Mennonite Central Committee, the relief and development arm of Mennonite churches which compassionately responds to social needs around the world in the name of Christ.

Early BIC history

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