The Bridge

The Bridge is a connecting space of Bluewater Church. It hosts our Sunday morning services, our church office, a drop-in centre, and numerous events and activities. The Bridge is our downtown hub, where everyone is welcome.

  Bluewater's Guiding Ideas

The Bridge storefront.jpg
  • Kingdom-minded. We want to see the name of Jesus celebrated and made famous in Kincardine more than we want to see our own church grow.

  • Collaborative. Bluewater does not exist to compete with other churches like we are some kind of franchise. We love to collaborate and partner with other faith communities who love Jesus just as much as we do.

  • Grace first. This means we want to take the condemning and judgemental reputation that religion has and kick it to the curb. The message of Jesus is actually good news! He offers us grace (a gift) and accepts us as we are, not as we should be. So we want to offer grace to others, too.

  • Downtown touch. We love Kincardine — all of it. But we are especially crazy about downtown. Kincardine’s downtown has a unique energy and vibrancy. We love the variety of shops and vendors. We love the people, parades, car shows, music festivals, theatre, outdoor markets ,and more. And that is why when we set up our ministry space (The Bridge), guess where we wanted it to be? Yep, right in the middle of it all on Queen Street. 746 Queen Street, to be precise.